Southeast Michigan Headshot Photographer – Amy Kaherl of Detroit Soup

If you Google “Amy Kaherl,” you will find pages of impressive articles, blogs and videos ranging from local news articles, to the BBC, to The White House. It’s nothing short of impressive and I could go on and on about Detroit Soup but I won’t; I’ll let you Google her on your own.

What I want the world to know about Amy and her achievements is that what she’s done takes an intense amount of love and a sense of justice.  It takes patience, confidence, leadership, and an overwhelming belief in something greater than yourself.  There aren’t many people in this world who have the courage to stay true to themselves, the people they love, and the places they so strongly believe in.  Putting all of that energy towards growing something small and honest into something that makes the world a better place takes a lot of sacrifice and is not for weak of heart.  That should be celebrated, she should be supported and followed by an army of do-gooders and world-lovers.  She’s gone from my friend to someone I truly admire; not because of her successes, but because she’s done all that while staying true to who she really is.  I can’t find enough colorful words to do her justice, but I hope that I’ve captured a tiny bit of her soul and spirit through these images


  • Amy Kaherl of Detroit Soup
    A bit of Detroit
  • Amy Kaherl of Detroit Soup
    A bit of booyah
  • Amy Kaherls of Detroit soup
    A bit of class
  • Amy Kaherl of Detroit Soup
    A bit of badass
  • Amy Kaherl Detroit Soup
    Growing STRONG and growing strange

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