Dolly + George { I Do…. Again}

Some people are lucky enough to fall in love and If they really open up their hearts , sometimes they are loved enough to get married.  Some couples are blessed enough to spend a lifetime together in happiness, and bliss through all the hard & beautiful times that life can bring.  But it’s not often you meet a couple who is strong and graceful enough to be blissfully married for 60+ years.

Meet George and Dolly (that’s her fake name, everyone calls her that), they met in the 1940’s.  That’s when Jazz & big band were popular, when gas was $0.15 CENTS a gallon and during the times of WWII.  They met when they were 16 just before George went to fight in the war, Dolly waited for him to come home and propose to her on a canoe ride on Belle Isle.  I’m not lying when I tell you that they still are very much in love.  I watched them flirt & listened to them tell me their love story.  I took their pictures while they laughed out loud, gave each other kisses & re-lived some of those memorable days that we all take for granted.   Below are just a couple of the pictures that came out of that photography session. George and Dolly wanted to re-new their love and celebrate all those years they spent growing together and what’s even better is that they wanted to share it with all of us.

They didn’t hesitate to tell me their secret.  “love, respect, faith, compromise (that one is often mis-understood, she said)”.  I hope this makes your heart smile as much as they they did mine.  I hope this makes you want to go home and hug your man like I did mine.  Love like this, it’s rare but possible and oh so sweet.


  • Day by day I'm falling more in love with you
  • And day by day my love seems to grow
  • There isnt any end to my devotion
  • It's deeper dear by far than any ocean
  • I'm yours alone, and I'm in love (in love) to stay

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