Family Photography Session – Bloomfield Hills, MI

I’m not going to lie, I was a little reluctant to play professional photographer for this family.  Dana is one of my TWO longest friends along with Chris, my mom and my dad , the person I trust the most in this world.  She’s never left my side, not during my crazy years, not during my self-centered times,  not even all those years that we didn’t talk while our lives looked SO different.   Dana has never judged me and trust me she knows enough about me to judge.  I’ve shared things with her that you only share with someone you trust with everything you have. She loves me like a friend, like a mom, like a sister and a confidant.  Sometimes I think she knows parts of me better than I know myself and when I need advice she knows exactly how to give it in a way that I know she’s right.  She said this at my wedding and they were words picked right off of my heart, ‘her friendship feels like home’ and when I am most lost she helps me find my way.. every time.  Dana’s friendship makes me feel like I’m winning at life and there is no picture, pose or perspective that could show you the love I have for her and her lovely little family.  So it’s no surprise that I was just scared to screw it up.


She asked me after, why I was quiet & if I was ok.  I was fine but the moment kind of paralyzed me a little.  I was so honored and just happy to be capturing her family. Those 3 kids that came out of her meeting her high school sweetheart whom I’m so grateful to for loving her in a way that does her justice.  I remember thinking, ‘don’t screw this up G’.  ‘Make sure you get it. Get their beauty, their magic, your love for them and their love for each other.  Don’t forget to show off just how cool they are and how sweet Ava’s smile is’. ‘Don’t.screw.this.up’ .  I realize that these are nice, lovely pictures but like I said, it pays no justice to my love for them or their love for each other.  In any event though, here’s a few snaps of my most trusted and admired friend and her magical little crew…


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