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You always hear that children are miracles. “Meet our new little miracle’ or “she’s such a little miracle”.  But nothing can make you realize the meaning of that word like having a child.   Because you soon realize that it’s more than just Devine intervention. It’s more than a religious act.   You realize that the miracles present themselves more often than ever before and if your eyes are open they will fill your heart.  Miracles are in the actual birth of your children , no doubt but it stays in their eyes and their sweet little smiles.

brothers and sisters
Family Photography – Portrait

Miracles are in making it to through those milestones in one piece.  It’s in the moments you feel like you’re crushing this parent thing because there are so many moments when you’re sure  you failed.

Family lifestyle Photography session in Farmington Hills , MI . 

It’s in the moments when you’re in your kitchen and your husband gives you an amazing hug, the ones where he doesn’t let go and you both listen to your kiddos doing something that just FILLS YOUR SOUL.  It’s in those days you realize that you’re winning at this little life you’ve built for yourself.

Daddy and me
Toddler portraits 


It’s in the intimate moments your family shares, the sweet little secrets that are meant for your ears alone.

Mamas got secrets
Family lifestyle photography .


The miracles are in getting to share all of this with your partner, your only partner in the whole wide world knowing there’s no one else you could grow like this with. It’s in going through all those heart wrenching difficult times that make you question everything and those oh so sweet times that seem to go right into the depths of your soul and make you love each other in a way you never thought possible.

Family Portrait

The miracles are in the brotherly hugs, the songs they learn how to play, it’s in the love you how them and the room you give them to let their personalities come through. It’s in those moments when you look at each an know everything & everyone is just as it should be. So why not let them eat cake! Just make sure you’re catching the moments 🙂

My Cake
Cake Smash Photography session in Farmington Hills, MI . Taken by family photographer, Genevieve DeVries.

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