Let the wild rumpus begin – { Abuel House Style}

Pheww…. Where do I even begin with this.  I met Phil (the strong bald one) a little over 15 years ago and I remember it clear.as.day.  Little did I know that he would be like a cuzin, sometimes a brother,  that his wife would become one of my BFFs and that his brother would be our best man at our wedding.  I’ve had more late nights and deep conversations with this crew than I can remember and oh man if walls, countertops and dark dingy Detroit streets could talk they would just shake their heads and laugh.  Nothing makes my heart blow up more than being able to capture the love and how their family has grown.  They are all equally amazing people in their own right, filled with character and soul.  They’ve always made me feel like family too, this day was no exception.  Enjoy.


oh and p.s. Filipinos do it better.  All of it. Hands down

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