{Birthday Present for her } – Family Photographer

Her boys got her a photography session for her birthday because they knew that her family was the thing she was most proud of and how can you blame her, look how beautiful they are.


I quickly realized how fun they were. Easy going and oh so well dressed.


But shortly thereafter this happened and I thought to myself, when your husband can make you laugh like this,  you my friends are winning at life.


I mean seriously , these boys.


At some some point mom said to to herself, out loud, this is the BEST birthday present a mom could get. I thought to myself, no pressure G and then this happened.

This may have been the best birthday present but her family knew her well enough to know that she would love it so much that at one point when she was there amongst her best work, her family, it would tug at her heart string in a way that it would make her cry.  Happy birthday mom, partner, friend, grandma, you did pretty good.


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