{ Elizabeth | 2018 } – Metro Detroit Senior Photographer

I photograph these teenage senior girls more often these days and I am impressed every single time. Impressed because they are so strong, encouraged because they are so smart and humbled because I know that one by one they are taking like by the horns.  I look at them through my lens and wonder if they actually know how beautiful they are because girls are so hard on themselves and each other.  I met Elizabeth during our SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY session in ROYAL OAK and within 10 minutes I was so proud of her because she is so smart and has such big dreams.   You can just tell that she has a clear path in life, a strong head to guide her and big heart to ground her.


I remembered a speech I heard on TV once and I though I thought it would be appropriate

“So you see, if you listen to all the people who make these rules, you might just conclude that the safest course of action is just to take your diploma and crawl under your bed. But let me propose an alternative. Hold on to your dreams. Take up the challenge of forging an identity that transcends yourself. Transcend yourself and you will find yourself … There is no dress rehearsal for life, and you will have to ad lib your way through each scene. The only way to prepare is to do what you have done: Get the best possible education; continue to learn from literature, scripture, and history, to understand the human experience as best you can so that you have guideposts charting the terrain toward whatever decisions are right for you.”

The future is female Elizabeth , Get it girl!!!

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