Dale | 2018 – Family Photographer in Detroit

So what do you do when your dad, grandfather, father-in-law turns 70???? You celebrate the man, that’s what you do.

You get your family together, hire a photographer and you head to Detroit even if it’s one of the coldest days of the year.  Then you get the hand warmers out and surround that man.

He needs to know that he is still everyones number 1, coolest grandpa ever.

and everyones coolest dad ever, and that you love him so enough to capture all the honest, down to earth love you have for each other.

It must be pretty mind blowing to create a family, watch it grow and then watch them create a family of their own.  At some point or another I’m sure one wonders if all the challenges, sacrifices , hard work and tough decisions are noticed.  And then other times if all the right decisions , sweet love, patience and best work will pay off.  But then they drag you out on a family adventure in Detroit just for you and you know, you know you must’ve done a lot of things right because here they all are giving you all that love right back.


When I asked him which one of his kids he was most proud of.  He looked at them from afar, though about it then flashed me this warm smile and said… ‘All of them’. Happy birthday Dale, stay awesome!

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