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‘Your photos are the keepers of your people, experiences and countless untold stories – it’s only right to give them the front-and-center stage they deserve.’  Creating a gallery wall is the best way to let your personal images command the attention they deserve.  Not to mention that it can fit any budget and make a great statement in any room.  You can transform a boring & lifeless wall quickly with a little planning and creativity but I know it can feel like a daunting task so here’s a few tips to get your juices flowing.

  • Start with a focal point :: The center of the display should be at eye level.
  • Go big :: Pick an image that you love and display it in a large size.
  • Play around :: Make templates of your frames by cutting out their shape/size on color paper.  Tape those cutouts on your wall and switch up what you don’t like.  It’s an easy way to see how your configuration will look before you start nailing your walls.
  • Mix it up ::  Choose a mix of pictures, art & decor like a clock or a mirror.  If you need some art that no one will have, check out some of my pieces here :: View & purchase unique pieces  or copy and past this link
  • Keep it attractive :: Print a few extra pictures and put them all in the same frame then switch the pictures you are displaying in that frame throughout the year.  Doing it ahead of time will make it easier for you to switch it up on a whim and it will keep your walls exciting.

Below are a few examples of gallery wall configurations but there is plenty out there in the world of blogs and pinterest.  Just google ‘gallery wall how to‘ and be inspired.  Happy designing!!!


For a teens room, make it fun!!


Great above a couch, bed, table or crib.



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