Royal Oak Photographer – { Summertime Mini Session }

I’m starting to really find a new love for styled mini photography sessions.  It’s like speed dating , photography style but there’s a great setting to get into and super fun props to interact with.  Books, cameras, vintage picnic basket.


Family Photographer
Family Photo session taken in Birmingham Michigan by award winning photographer , Genevieve Devries


The end of the summer inspired me to style a photography session around one of our favorite family outings, a picnic in the park.  It was a beautiful day in Birmingham and the park setting was amazing.  We never look as good as my clients did on that day but they had as much fun and I got to be right in the center of it. As a photographer, I worry wether I can get my clients to warm up that quickly but it’s such a whirlwind that it makes it easier and before I know it, they’re giving me their best. Like this sweet family.


Lifestyle photographer

Then there’s the families that let you right into their sweet , private little circle and they smile with a look in their eye that makes you feel so honored to be capturing them and how they are at this very moment in their lives. Like this fam..

Family mini session

This one just cracks me up because every modern family with kids can relate.

Summertime mini session photography. Taken in Birmingham MI by professional photographer Genevieve Devries

Here’s a few more of my favorites from that day .  In case I didn’t say it, I had s much fun!!!  Also, my clients are the best!  BEST!!!

Lifestyle photographer