About Me


I’m an IT professional by day, a photographer by night, a mom & wife every second of the day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m married to my soul mate and together we have two young, rowdy boys that we have LOTS of fun with.  I grew up in Argentina which I think triggered my wanderlust so I like to travel when I can. That’s me down there dipping my feet in the Mediterranean & holding onto my hubs in Paris. For me, that trip was a dream come true.

I am an on-site, natural light , lifestyle photographer.  I focus on getting peoples true spirit in the split-second of a shutter and I work for the photographs that tug at the heartstrings.  I like to think that photography is a way to stop time…. when time just moves so fast.  I LOVE how a good photograph has the power to take a person back to a moment or feeling they may otherwise forget.  I respect how printed images can stand the test of time when so many other things cannot.. I ‘geek out’ over old photographs and genuinely have a love & lust for the visual arts.

It took me a long time to go for it but once I did I learned that that stuff “they” say about following your passion is totally true.  Show me yours and I’ll get it on print!  I’d love to be your photographer, I have tons of ideas and a very open mind.

Contact me here  {Contact Form} or @ 586-604-5561 to plan your session today.

about me