The Newborn Effect – Michigan Photographer

Whenever I walk into someone’s home to photograph their newborn baby I often have this brief, uncomfortable wonder in anticipation of what’s on the other side. I wonder about the vibe in the room and how the next hour will go. Will mom & dad be on edge or will they be chill? Will baby be colicky? Will they feel comfortable me? Will I feel comfortable with them?

It all fades away the second I walk into that home though. I become confident in my craft, taking in the love of that newborn baby and their parents. I let that carry me through our PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION.

This particularly session was fun from the minute the door opened. Dad greeted me happily when I arrived. As I scanned the room I saw mom, baby and 3 of their friends all hanging out in the living room. I assumed that their friends came meet Elijah (their new baby love) but I quickly learned that they also dropped by to do moms makeup and hold the baby while she got ready. While all that was going on the the boys hung up their new curtains. Color me impressed. I mean seriously, who has friends that do their makeup and hang up their curtains? These three are winning at life already.

This is Elijah on day 10 of his birth. Those eyes.. need I say anything more.

So, the Vibe in the room you ask? Friendly. That’s what it was. I immediately felt like I was hanging out with friends. Of course, Elijah was the star and he did not disappoint. His expressions were captivating, he was just so fun to watch and take pictures of.

Being a newborn photographer lets me wallow in the wonder of a newborn life. I get to watch tender moments like this one when I posed mom and dad only to have Elijah take over. Grabbing on to daddy’s finger and reaching out for moms face. Showing us all that he may not be able to walk or talk but he CAN love. He can love & make your heart explode in a way you never saw coming. Because one can never know the kind of power a newborn has over them until it reaches out for you.

It seems that love is just a word before someone gives it meaning. I myself have always been pulled by love. The love of family, friends and places. The love for life and experiences. But I never knew love until I met the husband. I never imagined I could love anyone deeper, unconditionally or more intensely than I love him. But then our first born came along, and I realized that the love I knew before him was nothing compared to what I had inside me now. I so clearly remember looking at him the way a mom does, the way mom is looking at Elijah below, and feeling the powerful love that a newborn brings.

But I also remember the vulnerability of a newborn. They have no choice but to rely on you. They call upon you to put everything aside and just take care of them. They call upon you to put yourself aside completely at times. But in return, they fill your days with tender moments like this one because you are now a family of three.

They make you sit back, cuddle on the couch and become your own family, create your own space. I wonder if they know that you could hold them like that forever. That nothing is sweeter than watching them sleep.

Sometimes I think that this job is a selfish one. Because I get to come into a newborns life and soak up all that newness. That newness is intoxicating and does more than just tickle my ovaries. It brings me back to that place where I learned about a whole new kind of love , a whole new meaning to life, a whole new meaning of family. I was so happy to capture what this young couple looked like now that they had a little one to hold. I could tell that they are going to own this parenting thing. Here’s to wishing them a many nights full of sleep and many days full of the wonderful feels that a new baby brings.

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Genevieve DeVries is an on-site, natural light photographer.  Based in Plymouth, Michigan, I serve southeast Michigan and the greater Wayne County, Washtenaw County and Oakland County areas, including Plymouth, Canton, Livonia, Westland, Northville, Novi, Farmington/Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Belleville, Whitmore Lake, Saline, Dexter, Salem, South Lyon, Wayne, Garden City, New Hudson, Wixom, Walled Lake, Brighton, Milford, Southfield, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and beyond.