Ann Arbor Senior Photographer – {What to wear style guide}

August 25, 2018

Senior Session Style Guide For Guys

One of my favorite parts of photography for seniors and teen is the planning, styling and outfits.  To no ones surprise, it is NOT a guys favorite part.  This is where I come in, below are some simple but useful tips.  Straight to the point & boy/teen friendly.


don’t, don’t, don’t

  • NO logo wording on clothing. No “GAP,” “Old Navy,” or “POLO” splashed in huge letters across a shirt.
  • NO oversized clothes (unless that’s your style)
  • NO to wrinkles.
  • No to holes , unless it the trendy jeans with deliberate wholes you pay for. 🙂


Don’t mind if you DO

  • YES to classy and fun.  Below are some great staples for any photo session.
    • YES to timeless and classic. What you wear doesn’t have to be boring,
    • Please iron your clothes, Please, pretty please with a cherry on top.
    • The classic jeans and t-shirt look is great on men.  Just make sure it’s a nice quality T-shirt and new(ish) jeans so the blue is classy and crisp. oh and PLEASE iron.  See point 1.
    • Here’s a few more classic favorites for guys.
      • Khakis
      • V-necks
      • Cardigans
      • Blazers 
      • Fedoras or any other cool hat
    • Layers, guys of all ages look great in layers, here’s one of my favorite looks.

stripes & denim

and here’s a few more to get you thinking.

Wardrobe inspiration for men...  Layers, layers, layers!

  • YES to trendy items.  – But keep them small, like accents and if possible, keep them timeless, too — like a great watch, military-inspired pieces & classic patterns.
  • YES to clothing that fits.  If he’s fit then go for slim fitting pieces. Otherwise go for a size that he’s comfortable in.
  • YES to texture – Think suede, leather, tweeds, and wool.
  • YES to props that highlight his interests. Like baseball, football, fishing, music, skateboarding, soccer…