January 20, 2021

You will NEVER regret taking maternity photos. Your baby bump and all the magic of it will continue to amaze you (and your little one) for many, many years. Now, There are some women that love being pregnant & there are some that don’t. There are days that pregnant woman feel beautiful and some when they feel like crawling under the covers. Taking maternity photos can be tricky but there’s some important factors that can really add some glam and style to help you feel as beautiful as you look with that mommy glow.

  1. First, let me say that a beautiful maternity dress goes a LONG way.  I have a list of boutiques that I refer my mamis to but when all else fails, check amazon! I’ve photographed women in some beautiful dresses they bought from amazon.  Dresses that hug your belly, flare at the bottom  with low cut necklines are most flattering. 


2. It’s all about the angles.  

There are certain angles that photographers should stay from.  Make sure you look at your photographers work with maternity pictures. Their photographs should display their clients in the most favorable poses.

3. I know it’s a cliche but someones hand should always be on that belly. This simple posing tip is flattering because it accentuates your beautiful baby bump and adds context to the image.   


4. Last but not least is your photographers photoshop skills.  The images below shows the picture straight out of camera vs. the edited version.  This beautiful mom didn’t need much editing herself but photoshop helped me bring out the highlights, jewel tones and contrast.  These photoshop skills along with some basic cropping for good composition turned this standard photograph into a beautiful, quality portrait.   Make sure you photographer can step up their photoshop game into your photographs.

Do you need a good maternity photographer?  Click HERE to see details on my maternity shoot offerings.  I serve the Metro Detroit area in Michigan and would be THRILLED to capture this moment in your life.  Click the link below and I’ll take it from there. 

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