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May 11, 2018

Dear Emmet,

I was only in your house for an hour and I was just your photographer but I wanted to tell you what I learned while I was there.

1.Without a doubt, your family loves you as deeply as only a family can.  You have been blessed with a warm, loving, fun and caring family.

2.You have a baby brother and I know that your childhood together will be filled with a lot of snuggles, endless summer days chasing each other around in the yard and many many wrestling matches.

3.You are chill as chill can be.

4. I could tell that your mom and dad will not be helicopter parents, but they will always make sure they are looking out for you and I couldn’t tell if they were the kind of parents that would solve all your problems for you or not but one thing I’m pretty sure of is that you will not have to face them alone.  I’m pretty sure you have your own crew now.


Newborn photographer Ann Arbor mi

5. I hope your dreams are as big as you sweet because you little baby Emmet are sweet like sugar.


6. Your parents are in awe of you, your little big feet and your below personality.   You will get an endless amount of snuggles, kisses and loving, I know this.


I hope I get to see you again Baby Emmet but if I don’t I am as happy as I could be knowing that I was responsible for taking photographs of your first days on earth as a newborn baby.  Thank you for the sweet snuggles, they warmed my heart.

Newborn photographer Ann Arbor mi
Newborn baby pictures taken by genevieve Devries photography in Ann Arbor MI