Newborn Photographer in Michigan

February 17, 2022

I’m a newborn photographer in Michigan and let me tell you that 2021 was FOR SURE the year of the babies, because pandemic. I photographed SO many newborn babies. I get many questions from new parents about how a newborn session goes so I thought I’d share a few details on the most commonly asked questions.


The parents are obviously very busy 😉 so I do “in – home” newborn sessions. I find them to be easiest on everyone. People often worry about wether they have the right place. Well, I think it’s the perfect space. It saves you the hassle of getting your newborn in the car and to a studio. It saves you the studio fee and it’s the most comfortable for your new baby love. You’d be surprised at how small of a space I need to get you ” studio vibe” images in the comfort of your own home. Just check these out. You’d never guess that they were not taken inside a studio.

Newborn baby in a small wooden bassinet Taken by Michigan newborn photographer Genevieve DeVries


I will bring a few tasteful props to use during our session including some baskets and blankets to use as backdrops.  I will also bring a few head bands and other cute little things. Like these.


I do not bring outfits so , if there are any special clothes you would like baby to wear then please have those on hand. One tip I always give is to make sure that the clothes you pick are NOT loose. A clean change of clothes and lots of wipes!


I never know how a newborn is going to be on the day of the shoot.  I prefer that they are sleeping because they are easier to move around and get those sweet nestled shots.  I often advise people to give baby a bath, feed and change prior to the session.  I love all babies though, sleeping or awake.  

Sometimes we have to stop to feed change. That is totally , I will be patient and respectful.  After all, they have needs too.

Babies are UNPREDICTABLE… so, it is my job to be ready for anything! A lot of times parents get frustrated because sessions don’t seem to be going perfectly, but those small moments in between all the tantrums and chaos are beautiful. People are often surprised to see that there are so many great pictures to choose from, when all they remember is their wild child. Don’t worry, I shoot like crazy and it’ s my job to capture it all!


Babies have accidents I usually expect and if it happens just know that it’s normal and laugh along with me.  The only job I give parents is to relax & enjoy it! I will do all of the hard work!

I will give a lot of direction during the session so you will know exactly what to do.  Children match your energy, so if you are having fun and showing them how much you love them, they will show you the same in return.

  • My approach to sessions is casual, light-hearted, and always from a mother’s perspective.  Please know that I am one of the least judgmental people around and will treat your family like I do my own. (Maybe even a little better 😉
  • I want these images to bring a smile to your face every time you see them. But even more than that, I want your children to have tangible memories, long after we are gone.

  • It is my job to provide you with more than just photos, but an experience from inquiry through delivery. I will guide you the entire process, providing you with an experience you’ll look forward to each year.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to book a session, please feel free to reach out using the form below, I’m here for it.

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