One Unforgettable Wedding at The Treasury Detroit

December 30, 2023

Detroit Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are invited to bear witness to the most intimate moments the day. It’s always emotional. It’s like a love punch and it REALLY does fill our hearts. This day was no different. I got to have a front row seat to the story of two extraordinary women, Linda and Vanessa, committing themselves to one another in a location as unique and stunning as their love story: a magnificent, historic bank that has stood the test of time. Every raw brick, each striking archway was a testament to a time when beautiful architecture was common and valued. It was the perfect place to start their love tory.

Beuatiful wedding venue in Detroit michigan taken by wedding photographer Genevieve DeVries

The Treasury , Pontiac Michigan

The venue, an architectural heritage gem— a historic bank nestled right at the heart of Pontiac. It’s such an elegant space that it’s hard not to marvel at it. The building was left to die until the new owners started it’s renovation of this historic building. From preserved bricks, ornate moldings, and sculpted columns, serving as the perfect space to have an event like this.

A Day Full of Laughter, Intimacy, and Love

Onto the vows—they were absolutely a genuine reflection of the brides’ unique relationship. The vows were lovingly crafted and so genuine , yet every time someone was about to cry, a really funny moment would happen to keep us all grounded. There was a sense that everyone was genuinely honored to be in this room , with these 2 beautiful women pouring their hearts out in such an intimate way. They left everyone laughing, shedding tears of joy, and—most importantly—touched deep in their hearts. It really felt like we were all part of a unique, genuine moment.

Dancing Through the Night

If the vows set the stage for such a fun party! Truly, an explosion of pure, unadulterated joy with lots of hugs, free flowing drinks and so.much.dancing. From the first song to the last, the dance floor (and the bar) was packed all night long. Excitement and laughter echoed against the historic bank’s walls as guests celebrated the union of these two wonderful individuals, relishing every bit of the moment. It was just such a fun night!

It’s more than JUST pictures

For this wedding photographer , it was about capturing the actual spirit of this very special day—the love, the laughter, the celebratory vibes, the grandeur of the architecture, and especially the unique dynamic of Linda and Vanessa. It was a moment that reminded us all that Love is….. Love and it needs to be celebrated. Pontiac has seen a lot of ups and downs, and on this day, it bore witness to a celebration of love that makes the world examine their assumptions about what traditional love is “supposed” to look like. THAT deserves to be documenteed and no, their not just pictures.

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