Senior Pictures in Gorgeous Flower Fields Near Detroit, Michigan

May 10, 2024

On a hot, sunny day in Michigan I found myself in awe as I had the immense honor of taking senior portraits for one of my BFF’s daughter. As a professional photographer, I don’t see these sessions as just a formality, but a celebration of growth, change, and that wild ride from childhood to adulthood. I took her to these beautiful spring tulip fields at Debucks Family Farm in Belleville, MI and it was perfect.

We often say that children grow up in the blink of an eye, and as a Michigan photographer specializing in capturing life’s moments, I can attest to the truth of this. One moment, parents are holding their newborns, their tiny features a blueprint of of all their hopes and dreams for them. In what feels like the next breath, these same children are stepping boldly towards their future, dressed in the cap and gown prod of their achievements.

A young woman in a white dress is standing in a field of yellow flowers, posing for a picture.

Brooklyn is so impressive. She’s smart, beautiful and knows excatly what she wants in life. She has this profound beauty and grace in her stance that resembles her mom. A quiet confidence that speaks to the years of nurturing, learning, and overcoming all her challenges.

Tulips, in the right conditions, blossom into something breathtaking. It is no different for our children; given love, guidance, and the opportunity to shine, they too turn into their most magnificent selves.

Award Winning Photographer Brooklyn Gerebicks Senior Portraits

High school senior portraits like these are snapshots of a moment when the world is full of promise and the future is coming fast. For Brooklyn, it was not only a pause to reflect on how far she’s come but also to give credit where credit is due becasue she makes it look easy but we all know that it’s not.

I photograph so many seniors and truthfully, my heart explodes with pride for all of them, just as they are. But getting to photograph your friends daughters is just a whole other type of emotional punch.

These moments are not “just” pictures. They represnt how far they’ve come & who they are about to become. THAT is worth capturing.

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